Cascade Table Part 4: The Hard Line

cascade table part 4Moving from machine cut surfaces to more organic hand-shaped ones is a natural step in the evolution of a furniture maker. Hand work is one of the things that distinguishes studio work from factory furniture and thoughtful shaping produces elegant results. One of the concepts that I have been exploring over the last few years is a design element called the “hard line”. While you won’t find a definition for this in the dictionary I define the hard line as a crisp edge that divides two shaped surfaces. When I first became interested in incorporating shaped surfaces into my work my tendency was to round over all the edges. That is the easiest way to shape a piece and in many situations it makes sense but when used inappropriately it can lead to design elements that seem amorphous and unrefined. Incorporating hard lines helps to define and frame each shaped surface and it adds crispness to the design that is lost when the edges are rounded.