Cascade Table Part 2: Housed Dovetails

Housed Dovetail 1When I was working through the design for this table I knew that I wanted the legs to connect directly to the top without the support of an apron. A standard technique in this situation would be to turn a round tenon on the end of each leg and insert it into a mating hole on the bottom of the top. In this case I wanted the legs to flow out of the edges of the top and a standard tenon was not practical. Instead I used a housed dovetail to connect the legs to the top. Much like the Luna joint I posted previously this joint has the benefit of working well without glue. Gravity presses the top down onto the legs and the large dovetail prevents the legs from moving laterally. The broad shoulders on the leg provide good glue surfaces and additional resistance to racking.  The next post will be a discussion on shaping.