Assembling the Luna joint

IMG_0795 (2)Applying pressure to a double-mitered joint during glue-up can be a tricky process.  It is important to use clamps during the assembly process to ensure that all of the joints seat properly, but for this table there were no parallel surfaces available to apply clamping pressure perpendicular to the faces of the joints.  In order to create those parallel clamping surfaces I glued small, angled MDF blocks to the legs and apron pieces using warm hide glue.  Once the assembly is complete I typically chisel off the majority of the MDF blocks and then use a hand plane to remove the remaining MDF and glue from the surface of each piece.  On previous projects I have used yellow glue to affix these pieces, but yellow glue has a tendency to tear out curly maple if you try to remove it too aggressively.  Hide glue has the advantage of being dissolvable in warm water so it is easy to remove from the surface of the piece before doing the final cleanup with a hand plane.  This also reduces the wear you put on a sharp blade and saves time at the sharpening bench.